About Tillie's

Located in northwestern Gillespie County and southern Mason County, the main entrance to Tillie’s Ranch is on Salt Branch Loop in Doss, Texas which was established in 1849 by two brothers, John and Thomas Doss. Part of the original Adolph Evers Ranch founded in 1860, Tillie’s has been in continuous agricultural production by succeeding generations of the Evers family for nearly 150 years. The rich tradition of the family’s contributions to the unique history of Texas agriculture continues today under the current owners who are direct descendants of Adolph Evers. Named after a great aunt, Tillie’s is a working cattle ranch with a focused effort on creating diverse habitat for indigenous and non-indigenous wild game concentrating primarily upon whitetail deer and wild turkey.  Tillie’s also offers hunters a wide variety of exotic game animals that include axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, aoudad and gemsbok along with an assortment of other African hoof stock. In addition to significant habitat improvement, we high fenced the ranch several years ago to enable implementation of an intensive white tail management program. The resulting improvement in the quality of our deer herd has been dramatic as we have seen continued development of our trophy bucks. Take a second and click over to our photo gallery to see pictures of our bucks and exotics. 



Hunting in America has evolved from a survival skill in the very early days to a sport today. As in all sports, nothing is guaranteed. Sometimes our skill set allows us to outwit our prey yet other times we return to camp empty handed. In the end, most seasoned hunters will admit we do not have to shoot an animal to have a memorable hunt. The success of our life’s journey is more about the process we go through than it is about achieving a final end point. Being in camp with special people allows us to create a lifetime of memories. While I would be hard pressed to recall every animal I have ever hung in a skinning rack, I do have very fond memories of being in the field with my family, special friends, major league pranksters and world class storytellers. These are the memories that will withstand the test of time and for me, this is what hunting is all about. This is the atmosphere you will find when you hunt with us at Tillie’s. It is an environment where good sportsmanship, ethics, honesty and integrity are core values. It is how we work with our clients and how we run our hunts.


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