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We are thrilled you are visiting Tillie’s and want you to have a memorable experience. To assure a safe, comfortable and rewarding visit, please ensure you and your children follow these basic guidelines.

1.  First and foremost, you are a guest on a working ranch so when at Tillie’s SAFETY always our primary consideration. If ever in doubt ask your guide.

2.  All guests must sign a release of liability and waiver document upon check-in.

3.  Children must have adult supervision at all times.

4.  If driving please do not exceed 5 mph once you pass through the main gate and ensure you close and secure every gate you open.

5.  Always wear boots or closed shoes when outdoors whether in the pasture or headquarters area because snakes, bugs that will sting or bite, cactus and sticker-burrs can be expected.

6.  Please do not wear your muddy boots in the lodge.

7.  When using the bathroom, please use trash container for anything other than toilet paper.

8.  No smoking in the lodge or in the guest house. Smoking is only allowed outside. Please use the furnished ashtrays and do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.

9.  Do not “liberate” items you find in the lodge or guest house. Please leave everything the way you found it. If something breaks, please tell us so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

10.  Loaded weapons are not permitted in the headquarters/lodge compound area which includes the guest house. Guns will not be loaded until you arrive in the pasture at the area where you will actually be hunting. Loaded weapons will not be transported in vehicles.

11.  There is no need to carry a handgun unless you are planning to hunt with one. Handguns are not allowed in the lodge at any time for any reason.

12.  Please respect artifacts such as arrowheads, shed antlers and horns, leaving them where you find them.

13.  No guest is allowed in the pasture without a guide at any time.

14.  Vehicles are not to be driven in the pasture. We will provide all transportation during your visit.

15.  Please do not litter anywhere on the ranch. If you carried it into the pasture carry it back out and deposit your litter in a trash can.

16.  The exotics are wild animals; they are unpredictable and can be dangerous. Please keep your distance and do not try to pet or feed them.

17.  If there are two hunters with one guide there will be only one shooter at a time.

18.  There will be NO consumption of alcohol by anyone before going to the rifle range or into the pasture to hunt.

19.  Never shoot across any fence.

20.  There will be no hunting within site of the headquarters compound. Hunters should always be careful to never fire a shot in the direction of the compound.

21.  All Texas game laws must be strictly followed. Failure to comply with Texas game laws will result in your being removed from the ranch and TPWD will be notified.

22.  While a significant effort is always made to recover wounded animals, any shot that draws blood counts as a killed animal and trophy fees will apply.