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Standard Package: 

As a matter of privacy for our guests and to ensure the best possible experience, even if there is only one hunter, we only book one hunting party at a time. Our standard hunting package consists of three days and two nights. The base cost is per hunter which includes lodging, all meals, snacks and beverages. If you wish to stay longer, that can be arranged for an additional lodging fee. Trophy fees for animals taken are in addition to the base cost. If you are flying, complimentary transportation is provided to and from either the San Antonio or the Austin Airport. A deposit per hunter is required when booking a hunt. If you cancel your hunt 30 days prior to your reservation you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within 30 days of your hunt your deposit is not refundable however you can to apply it towards a future hunt on an open date. 


Non-hunting Companions: 
Friends who do not hunt but would like to join you during your visit to Tillie’s are welcome. There will be an additional fee per non-hunting companion for a 3 day package. With advance notice we can also arrange day trips to Fredericksburg which has great shopping and excellent German restaurants to help fill your companion’s time while you are in the field. 

Parent/Child Special Packages: 
Spending time with our children, sharing the joys of hunting and creating memories that last a life time are opportunities that should not be lost. Every child wants to be included and this is a perfect venue for taking advantage of the chance to spend quality time with our family. Consequently, we also offer special packages for parents who are looking to spend a unique weekend with their children. The Base Price and Trophy fees for youth hunters are reduced.  Please call (512) 970-4214 to discuss current pricing and specials!   If desired, at no additional charge, we can also provide a youth rifle with ammunition along with range time and personal instruction to ensure your young hunter is prepared for their hunt. 

If you have any questions regarding our pricing policy, please contact us

All hunting at Tillie’s is 1 on 1 with a guide. Our guides are experienced professional hunters who will ensure you have a memorable hunt whether hunting from a blind or on foot. The daily guide fee is $150 for each day of hunting.  Your guide will field dress your trophy and store it in our walk-in cooler. Meat processing, taxidermy and associated costs are not included in the price of your hunt. These services are provided in Fredericksburg where you will be transported with your trophy to the processor/taxidermist to make these arrangements. There is no fee for transportation to and from Fredericksburg. 

At the end of a hunt, hunters traditionally give their Guide a gratuity based upon their level of satisfaction. 

Trophy Fees

  1.  Wounded game that is not recovered is the same as a kill and all trophy fees apply. 
  2.  All whitetail deer will be scored by be B&C gross scores.