Hunting Season
Tillie’s Ranch is certified as level 3 in the Texas Managed Lands Deer Permit (MLDP) Program. This habitat focused program allows ranches involved in a formal management program to have the state’s most flexible seasons with increased harvest opportunities. Consequently, rather than the standard 2 month Texas hunting season, at Tillie’s we have a very generous 5 month whitetail season which allows us to hunt whitetail deer from October 1st through the last day of February.  In addition to the extended season, the state also provides all permits (tags) for every deer taken at Tillie’s. So while each hunter must have a valid Texas hunting license, you will not be required to use your tags on deer you shoot at Tillie’s, rather you will use our permits (tags) provided by the state for the MLDP program. If you would like to learn more about the MLDP program, please visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website

Hunting License
All hunters at Tillie’s must have a valid Texas Hunting License. In addition, every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must have successfully completed a Hunter Education Training Course.  Texas has a special “Youth Hunting License” (type 169) that is available for any person resident or non-resident, under 17 years of age at the date of license purchase.  Non-resident adults hunting whitetail deer must have a “Non-resident General Hunting License” (type 105).  Non-resident adults hunting ONLY exotics can purchase a “Non-resident 5 Day Special Hunting License” (type 157) for a substantially reduced price.  For more information, please visit the licensing section of the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

Amanda's Big Buck.JPG
I have been hunting with Gino
at Tillies for over 15 years.
When I started, I was not sure what
to wear, what to bring or which
end of the animal to shoot!

I enjoyed shooting and
knew I wanted to learn how to hunt.
Gino lead me through the process of
picking gear, learning about where
to take the shot, how to still hunt,
animal habits, and even butchering.
Gino has taught me to hunt
ethically and skillfully. Since then
I have become a fairly accomplished
hunter with a love for the
outdoors and the chase of the hunt.

Because of the skills I
acquired with Gino I have gone
on to hunt in California, Colorado,
Iowa, and Africa for dangerous game.

When living in Japan I was losing my
mind and needed to get away from the
big city for a while. For my 40th
birthday my wife arranged a 4 day hunt
with Gino and I could not have
imagined a better present.

Tillies is a fun place to hunt.
The terrain is not to too challenging
and the shots can be anywhere from
15 to 400 yards upon your comfort level.
I still come back
to Tillies every year I am able
because more than just the hunt,
I enjoy the companionship and
atmosphere of this facility.

When my kids are old enough to start
hunting, their first shot at big game
will be at Tillies.
— Mark A. Lunsford | V.P. of Worldwide Sales, Micrel Inc.